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Mukabaramba’s Profile, PPC Presidential Candidate ?

Honorable Senator Doctor Alvera Mukabaramba is an able woman and an experienced politician. At present, she is vying for the presidential seat under the banner of the Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) for the second time as well as the chairwoman of the above-mentioned political party. She is married with two children.

She saw the day on 1st March 1960. Alvera Mukabaramba stemmed from Rutoma in Musha Sector and Rwamagana District. The presidential aspirant attended primary school at Rutoma and went for secondary studies at Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux based in Kigali and accomplished high school in nursing at the then Kigali Medical School built one time in Kigali Referral Hospital premises. In 1985, she furthered in pediatrics at St Peterbourg in Russia from where she acquired PhD in medicine (pediatrics).

Having honed her knowledge, she came back to the homeland in 1993. Mukabaramba was immediately hired at Kigali Referral Hospital. After one year, she went to practice her medical career in the King Faisal Hospital. In 1996, she took a bold move to self-employ up to 1999 in St Ange Clinic headquartered at Gikondo which has been fully operational so far.

Since then, she took her parliamentarian seat in the National Transitional Assembly spearheaded by RPF-Inkotanyi. In 2003, Alvera Mukabaramba ascended through the ranks to the Upper House in which high-ranking politicians taking seats are endowed to revamp the state. Since 2007, she has been a member of good governance and politics.

Honorable Senator Doctor Alvera Mukabaramba was one of pioneer members of the Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) in 2003. Since then, she has been the President of PPC. 2009-2010, she was elected the deputy-spokesperson of legal political parties operating in the Rwandese Forum. Other assumed high positions, she was a commissioner in the Commission against AIDS, in which she firmly confirms that she made major headways along with her fellows and a member of parliamentary women forum.

Practicing sports, travelling, watching movies and reading books and newspapers are her pastimes after discharging heavy responsibilities she has been shouldering.


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